Water Issues in Alexandria Affects Latanier and Poland

waterleakA water conservation order for the City of Alexandria is lifted after a water well blow-out near Woodworth over the weekend.

The break caused the mayor to issue a water conservation order. All non-essential businesses that use water were asked to close, and residents were urged to conserve water. The city was also trying to avoid a boil advisory by reducing the amount of water being used.

The blowout resulted in a break of a 42-inch water main, but city officials say it was repaired ahead of schedule. The popular spray pad in City Park had to be shut off during the emergency.

Alexandria is not the only place with water problems. That Alexandria incident caused water to be shut off to Latanier and Poland water customers. Both areas are now under a routine boil advisory until tests are completed.

KLAX ABC 31 News 6/30/14