Vexus Fiber Promotes Economic Growth with New Fiber Optic Network

According to the Federal Communications Commission, internet access represents one-third of ranking when residents look for states with the best infrastructure.

Louisiana ranks 48 out of 50 when it comes to internet service.


Vexus Fiber is a leader fiber optic service provider that started construction in Alexandria and Pineville locations in October of 2022.

Regional General Manager Greg Burke says the Vexus Fiber office and store front will be at the previous David’s Bridal location.

“We’re also going to do some aerial connections and we’re going to work with the City of Alexandria because they own the poles and then we’ll cross the river, and we’ll work with Cleco on the poles over there because Cleco owns 90 percent of the poles in Pineville.”


Burke says it is important for residents to have access to the internet.

“Broadband accessibility, we’re at a point where it is now a basic amenity. In a 21st century world, I mean it impacts education, agriculture, workforce, just basic needs of the everyday household.”


Greg Burke says Vexus Fiber will provide quality internet service to more than 25,000 homes and businesses in Central Louisiana.

“We hang our hats on the ability that if our customers have a need or they have a concern, we’re going to respond.”


He says this fiber optic network will bring more economic growth to the area.

“We’re then going to hire anywhere between 30 and 60 jobs ranging from fiber technicians to sales managers and a sales staff, office staff, we’re going to provide a lot of job opportunities for people.”


Burke says Vexus Fiber will be looking for job applicants in the beginning of December.


Vexus Fiber will be opening in Alexandria in January of 2023.