Veterans of Foreign Wars Organize Veteran’s Day Gala to Honor Veteran Heroes

The Veterans of Foreign Wars will be hosting a Veteran’s Day Gala to support and honor local veterans at the England Park Community Center, and they encourage everyone to get involved.

VFW Commander Issac Williams says, “We don’t get much help over here, so we are looking out for ourselves just like military people do, but we’re asking the City of Alexandria, we’re asking the mayor, and anyone else who’s listening to us, that we need your support.”


VFW Jr. Vice Commander Clarence Reed says the gala can bring the community together and honor those who have served.

“We care about our veterans, we want our veterans to have somewhere to go and enjoy themselves, not just during the daytime but also at nighttime.”


VFW Commander Issac Williams says the gala will provide a stage to bring entertainment and income to CENLA.

“It’s a big thing, it’s a very exciting thing to be in. It’s something different so I want you to put some nice clothes on and put a nice little dress on, we ain’t asking that you wear your expensive stuff, just put on something nice and come out and have a good time.”


Their goal is to celebrate the achievements of local veterans.

Admission is $50 and VIP tickets are $65. The gala starts at 5:30 PM on November 11th. All proceeds benefit local veterans.

The VFW welcomes any musicians to come and entertain the veterans at the Veteran’s Day Gala.