Vernon Parish Correctional Facility to Close


It is with great regret that a decision has been made to cease operations at the Vernon Correctional Facility on March 31, 2018.

We have thoroughly investigated every possible avenue to avoid closing the facility. With the number of inmates that we currently house, (201 as of today) it is no longer financially feasible to remain open.

Current studies show that a facility similar to VCF needs to house a minimum of 350 inmates per day to be self supporting.

Numerous studies show that Louisiana Sheriff’s are underpaid approximately $ 10.00 per day per inmate.

This fact along with the fact that the current state budget shows a $ 5.00 per day cut to house state inmates, are major factors in a decision that has been months in the making.

In the coming weeks The Louisiana Department of Corrections will review inmate rosters and make a determination as to where each VCF inmate will be transferred.

There are several current VCF employees who will be able to retire and I am diligently working to reassign as many VCF employees as possible.