Unusual Accident on O.K. Allen Bridge

18 Wheeler An unusual accident closes the O.K. Allen Bridge over the Red River this morning. The accident shut down traffic for a few hours during rush hour.

This caused traffic to back up for miles as people tried to reach Pineville and Central State Hospital. Pineville Police say two large trucks passed each other on the span, causing one to get stuck on the bridge.

“We had a flatbed 18-wheeler carrying an empty cargo container – got hung underneath one of the structure railings of the OK Allen Bridge,” said Lt. Darrell Basco. “Cargo container is empty – no possibility of hazardous materials or any type of materials inside the cargo container.”

The bridge was cleared before the noon rush hour. This is the span that’s being replaced by a new bridge. Experts say the new bridge should make for safer traffic flow for these big trucks.

– KLAX ABC 31 News, May 23, 2013

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