Trojans ready as ever to compete for first 5A State Championship

“Block it all out, show up, do the work, prepare… and let’s get ready to go.”

The time has come for the ASH Trojans to take the big stage in the 5A State Championship for the first time in school history.

Although this moment is so big for the program, they’re not allowing it to be too big for them as they stay locked in.

“It’s been a focus here for a long time, and I feel like it just continues to get better. I think the more success they have, the hungrier they get. I don’t think there’s a satisfaction. Obviously, they’re proud.”

The biggest ammo for the Trojans so far has been health. Earlier in the season, they suffered a few injuries forcing a shift in the roster. Once having a four-week playing drought and getting those players back… that along with extra prep time, is going to be huge in their match-up against the defending state champs, the Acadiana Rams.

“The normal wear and tear of a season and in the playoff run playing quality opponents, I feel like there have been some physical games, just quality opponents, we came out fairly healthy. It’s not been anything new. We didn’t go into the game with anything that we hadn’t come out.”

Getting to this point wasn’t easy, Coach Bachman talks about the quality opponents that they faced in the later half of the season.

A blow out against Slidell, a win over Haughton at home, a dog fight on the road against Zachary and putting it all the line against their biggest hump in the West Monroe Rebels.

This season, if anything, proved that the Trojans can hang with anybody.

Kick-off between the Trojans and the Rams for the 5A State Championship is set for 6:3o at Turpin Stadium.