Tri-Centennial Committee Seeking Special Volunteers

CityofNatchitochesNATCHITOCHES, LA – The Tri-Centennial Steering Committee is forming a group of volunteers to support Tri-Centennial events during the 2014 celebration. The Tri-Centennial Ambassadors will serve as representatives of the celebration at many events throughout the year. The Ambassadors are comprised of high school juniors and seniors, and college students.

The Ambassadors will represent the Tri-Centennial at events as greeters and assist with the operation of an event as needed. They will also provide general information about the

Tri-Centennial, history of Natchitoches, and assist guests and participants at events.

Area students interested can volunteer, and must agree to participate in a training session, attend at least one event a month, and adhere to a dress and behavior code. This opportunity will include a commitment of volunteering for one of three terms in the year-long celebration. The terms coincide with school calendars and university semesters. Volunteers can complete a four month term, winter/spring, summer, and fall, and volunteer for another if they choose. A letter of citation will be given to each volunteer commemorating their work and dedication to the Tri-Centennial year.

Students seeking a position as a Tri-Centennial Ambassador must participate in a training session.  A handbook will be distributed to each volunteer that includes basic information about Natchitoches, its history, and the Tri-Centennial. The Ambassadors will also be trained in delivering a series of official greetings to use when representing the Tri-Centennial such as, “Welcome to the oldest city in Louisiana,” “Welcome to Natchitoches, 300 years in the making,” and “Welcome to Louisiana’s first Tri-Centennial City.”

For more information or to request an Ambassador’s participant form, email Ron McBride, Tri-Centennial Manage at or call (318) 238-5489. Volunteers must submit an application by November 6, 2013.