Transmitter Status

2/28/18 UPDATE – As of this morning, the newly-built high-power transmitter has been installed, powered-on, and is up and running. If the channel does not appear automatically, you may need to rescan your television. For any further questions, you may contact the station and ask to speak to our engineer, Bill Sagely.

We appreciate everyone’s patience.


We had a power surge at the transmitter in early November and it disabled our our high-power transmitter.  We’re currently operating on our low-power transmitter that may make your signal weak or nonexistent. Large outdoor antennas have a better chance of picking up the signal than indoor antennas.  

Cable, Dish Network, and DirecTV remain unaffected. Missed ABC programming can be viewed online at KLAX ABC 31 News can be watched on our website at

The part has been shipped to New Jersey for repairs, but the transmitter is incredibly large and complex and is taking much longer than we hoped to be repaired. 

We hope it will be fixed soon, but unfortunately, we do not have an ETA on when repairs will be complete. For more information, you may contact our engineer, Bill Sagely, at 318-473-0031 ext. 228.