Traffic Stop Leads to Meth Arrest

News Release – A traffic stop by Corporal Dan McClung of the Grant Parish Sheriff’s Office led to the driver running from the car he was driving and drugs were discovered on the passenger.  When Cpl. McClung stopped the vehicle and spoke to the driver, the passenger began acting very suspicious and the driver ran out of the vehicle.  Cpl. McClung noticed drugs laying in plain sight beside the passenger.  Once at the jail, it was discovered that she had marijuana hidden in her under clothes.

36-year-old Karen Steward of Dry Prong, was arrested for Possession of C.D.S. II (crystal methamphetamine), Possession of C.D.S. I (marijuana) 3rd offense, and Introduction of Contraband Into a Penal Institution.

The driver was later identified, and warrants for his arrest are pending.