Town of Ball Getting New Playground Thanks to Grant from Lowes

The Pineville Lowes is sponsoring a project to build a new playground in ball.  ABC 31 News’ Joel Massey has more.

The Town of Ball is getting a new playground thanks to a grant from the Lowes Hometowns project.  Lowes associate volunteers are out installing the equipment.

Gail Wilking, Ball Mayor said, “This is a great day for the Town of Ball.  It’s a commitment that my administration made when we got elected to our first term as mayor and council to somehow provide a playground for all children but with emphasis toward autistic and special needs children.”

Wilking is glad to get the $120,000 grant from Lowes for the project.

“It will benefit all of the children locally not only in the Town of Ball but the surrounding area.  They will finally have a place that they can come and play.  Their mom and dads can walk on the walking trail and still keep an eye on their children.”

Lowes store manager Donnie Boudreaux tells us how the project was chosen.

“So, the project was chosen it was actually nominated by a Lowes employee that has a family member in this area, and then it was sent into our Lowes corporate office, and it was voted on and chosen by our Lowes executive team and there were only a hundred of these that were chosen throughout the entire country.”

Boudreaux says he is proud of the volunteers that came out to help with the project.

“Super proud of the volunteers that came out. These are the hard-working associates that we have working in the aisles to serve our community every day, and whenever we announced that this was going on the area, I think we brought a total of 14 Lowes associates out of the store on their own time volunteering to just help the community so that the kids and their families can have a better place to come and enjoy the outdoors.”