Tioga Indians dancing with familar foe; Leesville Wampus Cats not letting the size fool them

“We’re gonna dance with the girl we brought, and if she’s pretty enough, that’s great. If not, we’ll have a lot more free time at home”, Tioga head coach, Kevin Cook, mentioned ahead of their match-up against North Desoto.

A familiar foe in the Griffins, the Indians saw this team last year in the post-season with a win advancing them to round two.

Cook says that teams tend to change their schemes when playing them, so it’s expected. But, the Indians are going to stick with their formula.

“We prepare all week for a particular defensive setting or scheme and I don’t think any team except Brother Martin has come out and done exactly when they sent on film to us. So, from that standpoint, I expect to see some wrinkles. On the flip side, we are not going to change anything that we do. On offense, we’re going to be who we’re going to be and we haven’t changed it in years and we’re not going to change it this week.”


For the Leesville Wampus Cats coming off an electric win over Northwood-Shreveport, the guys now look ahead to a bigger and faster Minden team.

Head coach, Robbie Causey, says that his team’s best asset is their belief in themselves.

Causey says that although Minden may have better attributes on film, the ‘Cats will keep the focus on them.

“They have good looking athletes across the board, their defense flies to the football. They run a lot of misdirection play-action passes and screens on offense. They’re going to stress us scheme-wise, coaching-wise and game-wise, but what we try to do is focus on our kids and make sure that we’re doing the fundamentals right. Our game plan is the same as every week. We focus on Wampus Cat football and we’ll let the chips fall where they may.”