Man Threatens Officers and to Burn Down NPD

Press Release – A man unhappy with a response to his complaint threatened to burn down the Natchitoches Police Department before he fought with officers, according to a release.

Demarkus Zeno, 26, came to the department Monday around 10:20 a.m. with an unidentified complaint. The officer who talked to him told Zeno that what he had was a civil matter instead of a criminal matter.

The officer told Zeno how to handle his complaint, reads a release from the department.

“Zeno became upset, and the officer again explained the proper steps for Zeno to take in order to resolve his civil matter,” it reads.

Zeno then allegedly got violent and threatened to harm the officer and others inside the building. “Zeno also resisted arrest, committed a battery on a police officer and threatened to burn the building,” it reads.

Zeno eventually was arrested and booked into the Natchitoches Parish Detention Center on six counts of resisting an officer with force or violence, three counts of threatening a public official, one count of battery on a police officer and one count of communication of false information of a planned arson.