“The Way We Worked” at Haas Auditorium in Bunkie

DrDonaldYatesDr. Donald Yates, Ph.D. LSUA

Smithsonian Museum on Main Street

“The Way We Worked”

Thursday February 27, 2014

6:00 pm at HAAS AUDITORIUM, 208 PERSHING HWY, Bunkie, La

Dr. Donald Yates, Ph.D. is currently an assistant professor of Business at LSU-Alexandria.  His presentation is; Watson: The Cloud on the Horizon No Bigger Than a Man’s Hand”.  Sub Title: The coming revolution in information science.

Description: In 2011 a computer program named Watson defeated two of the best Jeopardy players in a two-day competition.  This presentation explains why this event signals that a sea change is occurring in the world of information systems.  In order to understand the significance of what Watson did, this talk will discuss the fundamentals of uncertainty and how artificial intelligence attempts to deal with it.