The Many Tigers weigh in on #UnfinishedBusiness during offseason

The mantra all offseason for the Many Tigers has been #UnfinishedBusiness. So, they’re going into the new season with a chip on their shoulder. The bigger picture is that October 8th start date which is not just a win for the team, but for the community.

“We love football around here, the community, the school, all the students so it’s a great thing to have back.”

Tiger’s safety, Tackett Curtis, echoes quarterback, “Cadillac Rhone” when mentioning how well-known Many is around the state.

“This town is made around football. Everybody in the state knows about Many football. Year-round we live for football so it was a big deal when we couldn’t play or practice for a little while.”

Head coach, Jess Curtis, says that #ManyMentality is about pride in the school and community throughout Sabine Parish.

“It’s the kind of pride and community in our school in Sabine Parish. It’s being a tough kid, an accountable kid, a kid that’s all bout it, and that what I have here.”

That chip on the Tigers’ shoulders is weighing heavy as they’re halfway through week three of practices.

With last year’s championship loss to Ferriday on their mind, they quickly fueled that fire, and went back to work.

“Oh, that’s our fuel right there. Our number one mindset is to win state championships so that’s our fuel because we got beat last year in the Dome.”

Granted the loss, Many always sets a standard.

Before you slide on the pads, before you lace up the cleats, or before you run out onto the field below a sky of fireworks and line up against your opponent… to win a championship is the end goal.

“We’re expected to win state. When you’re a freshman and you come up here, it’s not win district or five games or however many games… it’s win state.”

“Everyone around here knows the standard is to win state so that’s how it is around here.”

“This year our deal has been to go back. Last year, we had a great run. We won 11 straight and getting there again but now we want to get there and finish. We want to get back into the lights and be the last one standing.”

Many has had their fare share of adversity in the past and now even with the pandemic. But there is no room for excuses as they go “1-0″ everyday.”

“This year is our year. Last year, we lost about 20 seniors and everyone was counting us our after we lost the first three games. We had that mindset that we’re going to make it, like we’re going to win.”

“We just had to put our head down and not listen to them so we’re ready to come back. No L’s this year… straight W’s.”

“Well, that’s part of being a football player and coaching the players is having to deal with adversity and we’ve had our fair share of it, as the whole state, but there are no excuses. We come to work and we understand that we get a day to get better and that’s what I’ve told them, we get an extra month to get better. That’s what we’re going to do, we’re going to use this month to get better and the practices have been sort of pulled back because you don’t want to burn them out but at the same time, you want to use this extra time to get better.”