The LA Forest Festival in Winnfield salutes the timber industry in our state

The Festival will be held in Winnfield. Schedule of events here:

Forestry is the number one industry for Winn Parish, and a top industry for the state of Louisiana. Forestry-related employment accounted for 51,874 jobs in the state. Forest industries manufacturing employers in Louisiana provide about 19,969 jobs in 2017.  The Louisiana Forest Festival is important to promote and stimulate the industry for not only the economic wellbeing of Winn and surrounding parishes, but also for the state. The Louisiana Forest Festival, which reorganized in 1979, salutes the timber industry in our state. The festival encompasses a wide variety of timber related activities. There are numerous forestry equipment displays and related exhibits. Professional lumberjack sports competitors come from throughout the United States to participate in the show. There will be 13 lumberjack events to cheer on with 6 different chainsaw events. It represents both historical and modern forestry and logging practices as they pay homage to our history and celebrate our future with deep roots in the forestry community around us. In addition to the forestry activities; The festival will have excellent fun and food throughout the day. They will host a wide variety of vendors and entertainers. Come and look at the homemade crafts and join in the fun of contests and prize drawings. There will be children’s activities and games along with live music and entertainers. If you haven’t been to the festival in a while or you are a first timer they invite you to come out and enjoy a truly unique, family friendly adventure deep in the heart of North Central Louisiana