The extra $600 in federal aid for unemployment benefits end

Lawmakers have chosen to end the extra $600 for unemployment, funded by the federal government.


“This is a true goat rodeo and alot of people are going to get hurt if we cant work something out.” said Senator John Kennedy

“Unemployment insurance is running out . Now,  no fair minded person wants to design an unemployment insurance program where someone is paid more to stay at home than he is to go to work. That’s what we have right now and it’s not going to be extended. At the same time,  who aren’t going to have jobs to go back to.” said Kennedy

People were petitioning for the federal unemployment benefits to continue, outside of Kennedy’s office. Crystal Vallery has been a tax paying citizen since she was 16 years old.

“Its my money . During this time its like I paid into this all of this time this is the rainy day that we were saving this money for . So until they can figure out how to quit spreading this virus I think they should give us our money.” Vallery said

Vallery was one of many people who lost their jobs during this pandemic.

“During this time current time, where nobody knows this monster we have been dealing with, I was laid off of my job 30 days ago. I still have a lifestyle that I have to maintain, children ,a family.” Vallery further explains.

Community Activist Kenya Slaughter was also fighting for people who will be affected at the protest.

“…The people that think people are just riding on a coat tail, what about the people that aren’t? Forget the people who you feel like are just trying to get some free money . What about the older people who can’t work? The people who are disabled. The people whose jobs are completely stopped and they don’t have any other source of income because that’s their skill.

“We have got to come up with a fair figure from the federal government on top of the money from state government so people ,who no fault of their own ,have a way to eat.” said Kennedy