The Cajun Navy on stand by to assist with rescue and recovery efforts

The Cajun Navy is actively monitoring the situation in the Gulf of Mexico with Hurricane Sally as well as the other tropical depressions and disturbances.   


They are standing at the ready to be able to assist with rescue and recovery efforts for areas affected.

They have volunteers already checking in with them willing to deploy as soon as the situation is safe, and a need is identified. Please sign up at prior to joining them to help give an idea of the number of people coming so they can prepare. 


The needs are not yet determined as the hurricane is still offshore and conditions continue to change. They are working with authorities to determine what assets will be needed, where they will be needed, and for them to determine when it is safe to deploy. 


The Cajun Navy helps to fill in the gaps and respond to non-life-threatening calls for assistance to allow first responders to prioritize their efforts into where they are needed the most.  


They  are on Facebook, Twitter and Zello. Facebook:   search for Go Cajun Navy; Twitter:  search for Go Cajun Navy; Zello:  search for Cajun Navy Disaster Response.