Suspicious Activity leads to Arrests

Press Release

39-year-old Victor Jackson Sermons of Boyce
52-year-old David Albert Andries. Jr. of Boyce

May 27, 2013 – On May 20, 2013 at approximately 2 a.m., a deputy on routine patrol in the Glenmora area observed a truck being pulled out of a wooded area on East River Rd. The truck was being pulled by a second vehicle so the deputy proceeded behind the two vehicles and initiated a traffic stop.

The deputy was about to make contact with the subjects, when one of the subjects, later identified as Victor Jackson Sermons, exited the vehicle being pulled, and fled into a wooded area. The deputy then detained the driver of the other vehicle, identified as David Albert Andries, Jr., until he could determine what was going on.   The Sermons subject eventually emerged from the woods.

Upon further investigation of the vehicle being towed, the deputies located numerous tools such as bolt cutters and other items that would be used in commission of crimes.

The subjects advised that they had purchased the vehicle from an acquaintance; however, the deputy was able to locate a registration inside the vehicle that did not match their story.

The subjects were placed under arrest for Possession of Burglary Tools and booked into the Rapides Parish Detention Center and later released on a $250.00 bond.

The incident was then turned over to the Rapides Parish Detectives Division for further investigation. Upon investigators looking into the matter, it was found that the vehicle did not belong to the individual that they advised they had purchased it from.

In fact, the vehicle belonged to the land owner where the deputy had seen the vehicle being pulled from. The land owner advised that he had not authorized anyone to be on his property or take anything from it.

At this time warrants were issued for Andries’ and Sermons’ arrest. On May 23, 2013 both subjects were arrested and booked into the Rapides Parish Detention Center on the charges of Criminal Conspiracy, Criminal Trespass, and Theft of a Motor Vehicle.

Andries’ was released on a $15,250.00 bond and Sermons remains in jail on a $35,250.00 bond.  Detectives say the investigation is ongoing.

“This is a great example of good, solid police work. A deputy saw suspicious activity and acted upon it which led investigators to solving a crime that had not been reported yet. This is what our deputies do every day and night; they look for criminal activity,” said Sheriff William Earl Hilton.

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