Supt. White Talks Early Childhood, Jump Start Programs

EarlyChildhoodState Education Superintendent John White is making four presentations in the Alexandria Pineville area today.

White, who has been in the limelight over common core, is traveling the state talking about other issues. He stopped by Lessie Moore Elementary early this morning, where the focus is on early childhood network pilots.

White says his department will take over regulation of childcare centers.

Later he visited the Rapides Foundation in Downtown Alexandria to talk about the Jump Start Program. This is a comprehensive plan for routing high school graduates into jobs once they graduate.

postgraduatejobsHe ended the day at Pineville High School, meeting with students and teachers. But, he emphasized the success of the state’s Jump Start Program for students who are looking toward post graduation careers.

The big news for white on this trip is the improved numbers for students taking AP courses. He calls the numbers compelling, especially for minority students who are taking more advanced placement courses.

KLAX ABC 31 News 10/8/14