Supporters of Fort Polk Meet to Save the Historic Post

savefortpolkSupporters of Fort Polk meet to fight for the life of the historic U.S. Army post. Community leaders, public officials and friends of the fort participated in a news conference to address the possibility the post could lose as many as 65 hundred troops, which is half its force. This is a part of a government-wide assessment of force structure, and Fort Polk is on the hit list.

The issue now is a comment period when the government will hear from those who say the post is needed to keep our nation safe. Anyone can get involved.

This is not the first time the army post has had to fight for its life.

These community leaders are eager to set the record straight about the impact of a reduction on the entire state, not just Central Louisiana. They say the group “Fort Polk Progress” was formed to make sure the government and elected officials get the facts about Fort Polk.

Fort Polk Progress is asking residents to access to sign a petition and/or send a letter of support.

KLAX ABC 31 News 7/2/14