Summer Workout Series: Bolton High School

The Bolton High Bears fell short of the playoffs last season, (3-7) but they’re working extremely hard to turn this season around.

“The coaches they’re going to push us to our most expectations and we’re going to fulfill what needs to be fulfilling.”

Fresh into the new school year, the pads aren’t making things easier, but its all about mindset.

“With the heat, the pads are more challenging because you we get fatigued faster but we’re exercising and you just got to battle through the heat.”

They consider conditioning more and being more comfortable as a team to be top strengths going into the season.

“Our strength is running. We got more running backs. The coaches prepared us well for the season.”

“It’s been a lot smoother. Not just because they’re more mature. That helps but the fact they’ve been with me for three years.
They know me, they know how we do things so now a lot of things is second nature to them. You don’t have to tell them nothing.”

What may have played a partial role in the outcome of last season was having a young team. A roster of young guys, mostly sophomores, still getting adjusted to Coach Teague’s way of coacheing and how his staff would like them to play. However, the team has 14 starters returning on both sides. So veterans like Junior WR, Kjay Gilliam and Senior RB, Eric Whelan, are still available to emphasize their way of play as well as guide the younger guys along the way throughout the season.

“They coming in strong, they coming in working… looking up to us and stuff. Seeing us go full speed so that makes them go full speed.”

“They’re going to be behind us so it’s good to carry on what we left so they can be a better team for next year.”