Space Heater Cause of Early Morning House Fire

Alexandria, La. (December 7, 2020) — The Alexandria Fire Department reports a combustible object left too close to a space heater is the cause of a house fire this morning in the 1200 block of Madison Street.

Alexandria Fire Chief Larry King said the fire department received the call at about 9:30 Monday morning. The house was occupied at the time the fire started but the residents were able to get out safely and no one was injured in the fire.

“With the onset of colder weather, we want to remind people to use caution with space heaters,” King said. “You need to make sure they have at least three feet of clearance. It’s also important to inspect the wiring and ensure the heater is in good working condition. Ideally, it’s best to look for units that have been tested and rated for safety by an independent agency, like the Underwriter Laboratory UL certification.”