Southern Forest Heritage Museum unveils Fairmont A-5 Rail car “Speeder”

The SFHM staff, volunteers, and guests proudly watched the revealing of the replica World War II crew car, as it made its way to the Camp Claiborne building exhibit.
The crew car is a Fairmont A-5 Rail Car “Speeder,” which was purchased by Red River Gulf & Railroad (RR&G) volunteers in the summer of 2020 and donated to the Southern Forest Heritage Museum & Research Center for the Red River Gulf & Railroad. It was originally owned by T&NO/SP and sold to the RR&G volunteers by John Radovich. Special thanks to David Hearne for transporting it from Dallas to Long Leaf.
The Fairmont A-5, or Motorcar M-8, was restored with the purpose of becoming a replica of a crew car of the Claiborne & Polk Military Railroad from World War II. It was restored to look like the crew car of the 711th Railroad Operating Battalion, part of the Claiborne-Polk Military Railroad at Camp Claiborne Military Training Base near Alexandria, LA. in the early 1940’s.
The restoration of the M-8 crew car was done almost entirely by Glen Armand and Wimbley Vu (grandfather and grandson). A big shout out to them please!!
Check out the Red River Gulf site to see a full span of photos and details of the restoration. Red River & Gulf Railroad – Long Leaf, LA (