Some Food Stamp Recipients to Lose Benefits on Jan. 1

As of tomorrow, a small group of food stamp recipients will be cut off from their benefits. That group is able-bodied adults with no dependents. They’re poor people who can work but don’t have a job for whatever reason. There are only 31,000 of these people in Louisiana and they get about $6 a day for food.

Governor Jindal is cutting these people off from the federally funded program, requiring them to find work to keep getting their benefits.

But the next governor, John Bel Edwards, says he’ll reverse that decision once he takes office. But that doesn’t happen for another two weeks and so some people may have to go a while without food stamps.

Louisiana’s unemployed adults are eligible for food stamps because the states unemployment rate is higher than the national average.

KLAX ABC 31 News 12/31/15