Sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise in Louisiana

STD rates are rapidly on the rise in Louisiana and it’s a serious conversation that many people avoid having. Local health leaders work every day to spread awareness about the impact that STD’s have on our community. Dr. David Holcombe says this is a huge problem here in Louisiana. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Louisiana ranked #1 for Congenital Syphilis, Chlamydia ranked #2 and Gonorrhea and HIV/AIDS ranked #3 in 2017. Since then, those ranks have remained the same, with increases in cases across the state. Char Thomas caught up with Dr. David Holcombe to find out how locals can protect themselves from STD’s… “Sexually transmitted diseases are sexually transmitted, so protection using condoms or something for protection when you are engaging in sex is extremely important, reducing the number of partners is extremely important and then having some knowledge of who your partner is and if they are reliable or not reliable” He believes the topic of sexually transmitted diseases shouldn’t be talked about just during this month, “so, it’s an important issue to be discussed in schools, at the dinner table, and from the pulpit”. If you are sexually active, it is advised that you get tested on a regular basis. Char Thomas, ABC 31 News.