Saints return to practice after Sunday’s win

After their first road win of the season, the New Orleans Saints are right back to work at the Ochsner Sports Performance Facility.

They won over the Los Angeles Chargers in a close game, 19-17.

One of the bigger names of the game who’s known as the “Swiss Knife”, Taysom Hill, played at quarterback.

Head coach, Sean Payton, gave high praises to him following yesterday’s practice. When asked if he still has a vision for him at the quarterback position, he mentions, “Absolutely. That hasn’t changed. Right now we just feel like as we continue to work on those skillsets, there’s other things that he’s able to do to help the team and he’s done those pretty well.”

Now with the backups playing at the quarterback position, (Bridgewater GM1, Hill GM2), the question stands as to how much growth Payton has seen so far.

“I said this yesterday and a week ago. I think we’ve seen a significant growth with both he and Teddy. This is Teddy’s second full year and Taysom the same. We’re seeing things take place on a day to day basis that maybe weren’t happening a year ago.”

Although the Saints made some great plays, he does mention that Game 2 against the Chargers the offense was sloppy but the defense started well. Pointing out great defensive plays from both Klein and Hardee however, the Saints turned the ball over twice in red zone.

“I thought our tempo lacked. I think overall, all the details that go into playing well; I think we have to improve on. I think this is a good week for us really to focus on the little things specifically to what we’ve seen in the game. I know we have an installation and a plan for this week and yet, we have to be able to midstream adjust a little bit and pay attention to what we’re seeing. So I think the details and what it takes to execute offensively, there were a lot of things for us to coach off of in the kicking game video this morning and the same way defensively.”

The Saints take on the New York Jets this Saturday.