Run-Offs Slated for Dec. 6 for Many Races

ElectionsThe elections are not over in Louisiana. Get ready to head back to the polls next month. Run-offs are now slated for December 6th and they include some major races.

First up is the Louisiana senate race. Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu and Republican Representative Bill Cassidy will meet again next month. The two candidates faced off against Republican candidate Rob Maness and beat him overwhelmingly.

However, Landrieu had fewer votes than Cassidy, who she blasted today during a stop in New Orleans.

“Bill Cassidy voted against this hospital for veterans. He voted against this hospital. He said we couldn’t afford it. It was too expensive. Let me tell Bill Cassidy something, these veterans deserve our very best. They gave us their very best. They put their lives on the line for our freedom and I’m going to stand and fight with them,” says Landrieu.

Cassidy had this to say about the results, “This is how democracy is supposed to work. If we are upset, we vote for change. I will finish what I started. Sixty percent of people in Louisiana are going to vote for change. We have 32 more days. I look forward to being your next United States Senator.”

And in the fifth congressional district, this is now an open seat with political newcomer Ralph Abraham facing Monroe Mayor Jamie Mayo.

State Representative Chris Hazel is in the run-off with former Pineville City Judge Phillip Terrell for Rapides District Attorney.

A run-off in the ninth judicial sub-district puts two women with the same first name and with courthouse experience against each other: Monique Metoyer against Monique Rauls.

For Pineville City Judge, Todd Farrar faces Gary Hays.

For Alexandria City Marshal, one-time speaker of the house Charlie DeWitt is up against incumbent Terence Grines.

And the Pineville City Marshal race puts Jay Slayter against Sarah Smith.

And Malcolm Larvadain and Jim Villard will face off for Alexandria City Council At Large.

Again, the election for these races is Saturday, December 6th.

KLAX ABC 31 News 11/5/14