RPSO Firewood Project to open October 1st

Today, Sheriff Mark Wood announced the opening of the RPSO FIREWOOD PROJECT located on Vandenburg Drive between the Cenla Shrine Club and the FEDEX warehouse.

After last year’s hurricanes and storms and the abundance of trees that needed disposal, Sheriff Wood decided to turn the “pea farm” into a firewood operation for the public.  Due to a shortage of quality inmates to work the massive garden, the pea farm was closed earlier last year.

“We will start selling ricks of firewood on Friday, October 1st.  We would like to give our elderly and disabled community priority but it will be open to the public with a two rick limit” said Sheriff Wood.  “This is a way for our inmate population to give back something to our community.”

A rick, which will typically measure at 4’ high by 8’ wide by 16” deep, will cost the public $60.00. Customers will go to the Corrections Guard Shack on John Allison Drive and pay for the firewood with a MONEY ORDER ONLY.  A receipt will be given to the customer and they will drive to the wood yard on Vandenburg Drive and there, inmates will load the wood they have purchased.  Proceeds made from the sales will go to maintenance and upkeep of the wood yard equipment and a portion will go into the Inmate Welfare Fund which is used to purchase basketballs and other sports equipment and work clothes or  work boots for those inmates who have an economic need.  No money goes directly to any inmate.

 Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 7am-2pm, excluding holidays and the first Wednesday of every month as this same crew assists another project. Please call 318-709-8489 to check availability. 

 We are asking any of the local tree surgeons or cutters to contact us if they need a place to bring and dispose of their trees, hardwood only.  Give us a call at 318-709-8489.



·         Monday – Friday 7am – 2pm excluding holidays and the first Wednesday of each month

·         $60 per rick – MONEY ORDER ONLY

·         Two rick maximum

·         Elderly and disabled given priority