Rotary Club Hears About General Custer in Alexandria

The Alexandria Rotary Club heard about the history of General Custer in Alexandria following the Civil War.  ABC 31 News’ Joel Massey has more.

Historian Michael Wynne said, “I spoke about General George Armstrong Custer when he lived in Alexandria.  He lived here for four months from June to October 1865 organizing a cavalry unit and the things he did here have never been told until today.”

Wynne gave a talk to the Rotary Club about Custer’s time in Alexandria.

“I told a great story today about General Custer executing a deserter and executing a mutinous soldier and the deserter is buried where the city hall parking lot is now.”

Jason Dewitt says he learned some things he never knew about General Custer.

“How he was just a very disciplined man about how he treated folks.  When he came here obviously the Union troops were not very nice to our folks around here and General Custer, if you did anything to the local people he would actually give you 30 lashes and I thought that was pretty severe punishment to someone who mistreated the locals.”

Wynne says Custers whole family lived in Alexandria for a time.

“General Custer brought his whole family and they lived in Alexandria.  Their home was the Flint Caisson home which is located where the back of the Catholic cathedral is now.”

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