Residents Respond to Utility Bill Issues

The City of Alexandria is experiencing a cybersecurity breach and it is affecting the utility system database.

Javon Green is concerned about the cost of her next utility bill.

She feels like she has enough trouble paying for food and gas.

She says the utility company is not giving them the answers they need.


Nikki Cole says the city should not make them pay a higher bill.

Sedrick Dorty Jr. wants the city to give them more time to pay their utilities.

With a higher utility bill, they feel the elderly may suffer for it.


Mayor Jeff Hall says the security breach is making it difficult to read the utility meters.

He asks the public to be patient with the city as they work to resolve the issue.


The City Council suggests the public pay something on their bill.

Residents feel the city is not doing enough to help offset the cost.


The City of Alexandria assures the public they are doing everything they can to help them.

Residents say the city needs to communicate with them about the security breach.


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