Reckless Driver Crashes into Pitt Grill

The Pitt Grill employees and customers got a rude awakening when a car crashed into restaurant on Tuesday night.

Press Release – On April 17, around 6:30 pm, APD responded to a report of a vehicle crash at the Pitt Grill on North MacArthur Drive. Responding officers learned that a vehicle had been traveling north-bound on MacArthur Drive and left the roadway, entering the median. The vehicle then entered the south-bound lane, still traveling north-bound, before leaving the

roadway again and crossing over to the West service road. The vehicle then struck a curb and then struck a vehicle parked on the lot of the Pitt Grill. The vehicle then became airborne and then crashed into the restaurant.

Officers learned that the driver attempted to flee the scene, however patrons of the restaurant pursued him and ensured that he remained to talk to police. The driver was transported to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries; no other parties reported being injured. The driver was arrested and charged with Reckless Operation of a Motor Vehicle and was issued a criminal citation