Ready for the new season, the Marksville Tigers are hungry but focused


The Marksville Tigers have been itching to finally put on the pads and hit someone else.

Now with the “ok” from the LHSAA, they’re finally able to.

“I just think if our season is not going to start until the beginning of October, it’s not going to take me that long to get kids acclimated to shoulder pads. It’s between that and a lot of these guys, soon as they put shoulder pads on, the first thing they want to do is hitting one another.”

The Tigers’ district title was so close last year, they could taste it, in the one-point overtime loss to Caldwell. Following, their season ended in the second round of the playoffs to Brusly.

Dunbar says that his guys remain focused, but hungry.

“Our guys are hungry, they remain focused. We don’t really talk about “what ifs”, we’re just prepared for the season. We’ll be ready to play.”

Of course the extra time served as an advantage for the team, but their big pieces of leadership in quarterback, John Small and linebacker, Javon Sampson, play a big role as well.

“This extra time is giving those guys some extra time heal but it’s a real big deal in terms of leadership. That’s two of our leaders. They’ve been leading our team as last year when they were juniors. Of course to have those guys back on the field and helping out with some of those younger guys having to step up and play this year, it’s a really big deal for us.”

Small says his rehab went well and his strength is up.

“I rehabbed for like eight months. Therapy everyday, strength and conditioning… it went good.”

Small mentions what’s impressed him so far.

“Timing. Timing and routes. The little things throughout certain plays, certain coverages and stuff like that… the little things.”