Rare Snowfall Covers Central Louisiana

snow1Early this morning, this is what people in this area woke up to.

Snow – coating the lawns and rooftops.  All schools in this area cancelled classes today, which give a rare snow day for area students.  Many enjoyed making their first snowmen, having their first snowball fights and taking pictures of this snow event.  Take a look:

Travis Gaspard took a tape measure to it.

Travis Gaspard - DevilleAnd this picture by Clay Bennett also shows how deep the snow was!  Definitely a handful there!

claybennettsnowThis Virgin Mary ended up shrouded in the white, fluffy stuff as we can see in this picture taken by DC Sills.

virginmarysnowTonia White shows us the beauty of the snow with this picture of a now snowy creek in her back yard.

creeksnowHere’s another beautiful photo of the snow taken by LeeAnn Guranious.  Snow making her trees look almost Christmasy.

snowytreesAnd from the campus of LSUA, where classes were cancelled today, another snowy image, this one taken by Angie Rollins, who’s in charge of the Oaks Residence Hall.

LSUASnowEven interim chancellor, Doctor Paul Coreil, can’t help himself with this nice picture of the campus.

LSUAsnow2And here’s another viewer photo taken by viewer Keith Thompson of Pineville.  There’s enough snow to make a snowman!

Keith-Thompson-PinevilleAnd we had to sneak this one in.  Malaina Havens, snapping a photo of her husband, our very own photojournalist, Jerry Havens, clearing his truck off so he could come in to work today.  Ironically to shoot video of the snow.


Take a look at these kids at Compton Park in Alexandria enjoying their snow day.  Sleds are hard to come by here so they improvised, using cardboard boxes and even an ironing board.  What clever kids!

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KLAX ABC 31 News 1/24/14