Rapides Parish School Board Rewards Local Educators for Serving the Community

Teachers and principals are unsung heroes who dedicate their lives to educating students.

The Rapides Parish School Board honored them for all the hard work they do.


Laura Knowlton says she is honored to win the High School New Teacher Award.

Rapides High Teacher Laura Knowlton says, “I was very shocked, and I’m just humbled that they would choose me to represent them. I’m really grateful.”


Knowlton says she loves representing her district and teaching her students.

“I’m going to cry because I’m a crier. I love my kids and I wasn’t expecting to love them so much. I love getting to know them and I love getting to know what they’re interested in and learning with them, so they are very important to me.”


The Rapides Parish School Board celebrated Tracy Vorrice as Elementary Principal of The Year.

“It is a great honor to be bestowed upon from your peers and be able to serve the community as Principal of the Year.”


Tracy Vorrice says she is humbled to win such a prestigious award after 29 years of teaching.

“The students are why we show up every day, we love on them, we want what’s best for them, we are the foundations for their learning, and we always want to make sure that we are ensuring that we are educating them because they are our future.”


Teachers and principals continue to support each other and show how they really are better together.

This is the first time Rapides Parish has recognized and awarded new teachers.