Rapides Parish Public Schools reopening after Laura with a Strong Start

  • ○  Rapides Parish Public Schools and offices are still planning to reopen for employees next Tuesday, September 8th.
  • ○  Students will return Thursday, September 10th.
  • ○  Due to expected prolonged utility outage at Plainview High School, we arefinalizing an alternative plan for students and employees in that area.
  • ○  There may be other schools who run into utility issues. If so, we will notify thosecommunities of any other changes to the reopening school plan.
  • ●  Virtual Students:
    • ○  Due to ongoing connectivity concerns, we are providing an opportunity for all students to come to school face-to-face.
    • ○  If you have signed up for virtual and know you will not be able to connect to the internet either through your own personal service or through an RPSB provided hotspot, you can go to your school with your hotspot Tuesday or Wednesday to register for face-to-face classes and return your hotspot and chromebook (to be used for in-class instruction).
    • ○  Face-to-face instruction for virtual students will begin September 14th.
    • ○  Students coming off virtual will be provided a grace period to acquire schooluniforms and must wear a mask.
  • ●  School Transportation:

○ Many of the roads in the rural parts of our parish are still impassable for our buses. Our drivers will be driving their routes Tuesday and Wednesday and letting families know if alternate bus stops are needed.

  • ●  School Meals:
    • ○  All Rapides Parish School Board students will eat for free through December.
    • ○  All virtual students can eat for free from any school as long as theparent/guardian completes the Parental/Guardian Grab and Go Meal ConsentForm attached hereor it can be picked up at any school.
  • ●  Instructional Calendar

○ To account for the lost instructional time due to the COVID delayed start as well as Hurricane Laura, we have modified our instructional calendar. Please note the following changes:

  • September 21st is a regular school day (no longer a student holiday)
  • October 14th is a regular school day (no longer a student holiday)
  • October 15th is a PD/Parent Teacher Conference (student holiday)

● Fall Break remains October 16th ■ January 5th is a regular school day