Rapides Parish Library Teaches Children Reading and Critical Thinking Skills for Thanksgiving Break

The Rapides Parish Library is always looking for new ways to make reading fun for children.

The library plans to teach children about the importance of Thanksgiving through interactive activities.


Rapides Parish Library Public Relations Manager Jennifer Smarr is passionate about teaching children lessons through reading.

“We have some art classes that will focus on Native American Heritage Month. The children will be making a collage that goes along with Traci Sorell’s book, ‘We Are Grateful.’”


Traci Sorrell’s book gives children insight into Native American language and culture.

“They’ll be learning about being appreciative of the changing of the seasons.”


Adult Services Manager Karen Riley Simmons is hosting a children’s event called Bishops and Bones.

“They’re supposed to read the story and do the little exercises, and once they know that, once they do that, they’ll know how each piece can move. You learn how to tell a story through all the different pieces.”


Keisha Swafford, News Reporter says, “Kids are going to learn how to play chess, it’s a great way to learn strategy and critical thinking.”

Simmons says a story is told about each piece on the board to teach children chess movements.


Children can participate in these fun and educational activities at different branches of the library.

Bishop and Bones will be this Saturday, November 26th from 11 to 2 PM at the Martin Luther King Jr. Library on Broadway Avenue. For more information, visit the RPL.org.