Rapides Academy Girls Prepare for 5K Race

The Girls on the Run organization teaches life lessons and inspires girls to run.

Rapides Academy is proud to be a part of this movement.


6th grade Science teacher Andrea Clark has volunteered to be the girls’ coach.

She loves to empower her students through running.

She teaches them to be in tune with their hearts and bodies.

She is proud to see their progress.


The girls train for 10 weeks to prepare for the 5k race.

Each girl sets weekly goals to see how many laps they need to run.

They learn how to enjoy running and set achievable goals.


The goal of Girls on the Run is to challenge their minds and feed their spirits.

With this program, they can learn how to overcome obstacles in the race and in life.


The girls will run the 5K race on May 14th at the YWCA in Alexandria.