Public Service Announcements

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As a local commercial broadcaster, KLAX TV – ABC 31 is proud to serve the Central Louisiana community by donating thousands of dollars of broadcast time to local, state and national public agencies and charities.

The broadcasting of public services announcements is one of the most important aspects of our work.  The PSA’s that we broadcast may be divided into two categories:
• 1. Local events and campaigns sponsored by KLAX TV.
• 2. PSA’s produced and submitted by public agencies and charities

Our policy is to provide public service broadcast time only to bona fide governmental agencies and organizations and charities which have been certified as non-profit by the Internal Revenue Service under the 501 © 3 code.  We reserve the right to determine which public service announcements will be selected for broadcast.

Guidelines for Submitting Agency-Produced PSA’s:  KLAX accepts pre-produced PSA’s from qualifying organizations on an as-needed basis.  Pre-produced PSA’s may be submitted for upcoming events or campaigns or on-going campaigns or messages.

KLAX will assign broadcast priority to all PSA’s submitted as follows:
• First Priority: “Dated” PSA’s for local events and campaigns
• Second Priority: PSA’s for local agencies and charities
• Third Priority: Any PSA submitted by State-level agencies and charities.

To be cleared for broadcast, PSA’s must:
• Be submitted with proof of sponsoring agency’s non-profit status
• Be received with a letter document providing evidence of need
• Be delivered at least two(2) weeks prior to first broadcast
• Be submitted on DVD or download via FTP.
• Meet KLAX broadcasting quality standards
• Conform with standard commercial lengths (10, 15, 20, 30, or 60 seconds)
• Not contain issue-oriented material which may be viewed as controversial and promotes specific religious, moral or political views

Do not submit master tapes; KLAX cannot return PSA tapes.

PSA’s and supportive documentation should be delivered to:
Sally Thompson
Public Service Director
1811 England Drive
Alexandria, LA 71303
Telephone: (318) 473-0031