Printmaking class to begin Thursday

Northwestern_State_University_of_LouisianaNATCHITOCHES – Northwestern State University’s Office of Electronic and Continuing Education will present a Printmaking I/Metal Plate Lithography Class Aug. 1-3.

The class will be held each day from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. in the Fine Arts Annex. Northwestern State Professor of Art Clyde Downs is the instructor. The fee for the class is 5 plus a material fee paid to the instructor on the first day of class.

Lithography is a printmaking technique involving drawing on an aluminum plate with an oily crayon. After the drawing is completed, the work goes through a chemical process. This process makes the areas where the artist has drawn receptive to ink, the other areas become receptive to water. When the plate is rolled up with ink, only those areas where you have drawn will print. This allows the artist to create a fully tonal drawing and produce a limited edition of prints.

For more information or to register, call (800) 376-2422 or (318) 357-6355, email or go to

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