Police Remind Parents About Dangers of Leaving Kids in Hot Car

Police in Shreveport are putting out warnings about children left in cars unattended in extreme heat. Authorities say it’s surprising how many parents will accidentally leave their children locked in a hot car.

The activist group KidsAndCars.org says on average, 38 children will die in hot cars each year. The group also says nine children have died since the beginning of 2015 after being left in a hot car. Experts say children can overheat up to five times faster than adults, and even on a cool day, the temperature could reach 110 degrees.

Corporal Marcus Hines with the Shreveport Police Department says, “People get very busy. Do whatever is necessary to make sure that you’re keeping your children safe.”

Shreveport police stress the importance of finding a reminder that will help you remember to check your back seats.

KLAX ABC 31 News 7/14/15