Plein Air Painting with Margie Tate

Spring Creek Memories by Margie Tate is an example of Plein Air painting.

Learn how to paint landscapes en plein air (“in the open air”) at this outdoor workshop. Participants should bring their own painting surface and materials. For a list of materials and to register, call Anne at (318) 443-3458.

Cost: for AMoA members; for non-members

Margie Tate’s oil painting palette:

Red – cad red light, alizarin crimson or quinacridone red, transparent oxide red or burnt sienna

Blue – ultramarine blue, cobalt blue

Green – viridian, permanent green light

Yellow – cad yellow light, cad yellow pale or hansa yellow light, yellow ochre or raw sienna

Titanium white

Minimum supplies needed for workshop:  

Oil Paint – at least one red, one blue, one yellow and white

Brushes – at least one good quality oil painting bristle brush (suggestion Robert Simmons #6 )  and softer blending brush and/or painting knife

Canvas or panel – no smaller than 8×10 or larger than 12×16

Container for odorless  solvent

Pochade box with tripod or easel with small table – museum has easels

Paper towels or rags, trash bag

Sunscreen and hat