Paranormal Investigation Techniques At Westside Regional Library

Library Alexandria, malady Louisiana—The “haunt” for lingering ghosts in Central Louisiana begins at Westside Regional Library Saturday, October 5 from 6 to 8 p.m. Louisiana Spirits co-founder Brandon Thomas will share a presentation on paranormal investigation which includes captured “ghostly footage” and “electronic voice phenomena.”

Louisiana Spirits’ mission is to seek answers, and educate and assist others in a field that is “respected by few, yet intriguing to all.” They state they are dedicated to the investigation and research of paranormal activity. On their web site,, Louisiana Spirits states that they “do not condone the use of Ouija Boards, nor do we practice any forms of Black Magic and/or Witchcraft.”

For information on this event, contact Karla Kirby at 2-2483, ext. 1904

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The Rapides Parish Library is a medium-size public library, serving Rapides Parish located in central Louisiana. The library consists of a Main Library, 5 urban branches, 4 rural branches, a bookmobile, a van service to the homebound, and a van service to child development centers.