Officials address explosive concerns at the Alexandria International Airport

On Tuesday, December 30th, At approximately 12:24pm, Sheriffs Dispatch received a call from the Rapides 911 Center of a reported inbound aircraft emergency.

According to initial reports, information was received there was a possible explosive device onboard an inbound aircraft to Alexandria International Airport.

Deputies, along with England Airpark Fire Department, responded to the scene where the passengers were off-loaded and the scene secured.  Two persons of interest are being detained at t his time.

RPSO Bomb Squad along with local agents with the FBI are also on scene assisting in the investigation.

No further information is available at this time.  Updates will be given when they are available.


The Attorney representing the two young men involved, Micke Smalls, released the following statement.

I first spoke to the two young boys and their mother yesterday regarding the incident on board the United Airlines flight which made an unscheduled landing here in Alexandria. At the time all three were in the presence of numerous state and federal law enforcement officials including several FBI agents. Significantly the young men were released by law enforcement at that time after I was assured no state or federal charges were contemplated. I have since met in person with the young men and their mother and am convinced that the entire episode has been blown completely out of proportion. There was simply no bomb threat and I can only assume that any statement to the contrary was the result of a misunderstanding on the part of a presumably well meaning fellow passenger.