NSU pitcher, Howell, holds pitching lessons for younger softball players

“I mean its great. Just knowing that I’m able to help people along the way if they don’t understand something.”

The former Holy Savior Menard standout has spent the past three plus years teaching younger girls the fundamentals of softball. She says that this group of girls is actually her biggest so far.

“Each year I have about five or six so right now is the most I’ve had. I have eight right now. I have one girl that comes everyday and then I have a few of them that come to me twice a week.”

Jensen is open to teaching all age groups. She focuses on both hitting and pitching lessons where she also plays at first base for the Demons.

“I do accuracy and then we go to speed and spin. I have some that come in as younger ones so I try to work on fundamentals to get solid and then I’ll work on speed.”

Jensen says that she enjoys finding her purpose in teaching. It’s an honor to be able to see her younger self in the girls and help teach them the right way.

“It’s an honor and it makes me feel like I’m doing my job and doing what I need to do especially when you see improvement. Just like a six-month span, I’ve had one kid that jumped 6mph in six months. I didn’t expect it, but I knew what I was pushing for. As long as that’s what I’m pushing for why why not? Why not give everything I can to help her get where I was.”

For more information on how to get involved, you can visit Howell’s Facebook page, Pitching Lessons by Jensen Howell.