Northwood Gators fighting early for a great season

“They’re ready, the coaches are ready and honestly I think the whole community is ready. I’m not talking just Northwood, I think everybody is ready to get back to some normalcy. Obviously, the guidelines and all that can be hard to do sometimes but we’ll take what we can get but we’re going to come out here and make the best of it and get some work in.”

It’s summer time and the heat is not going to change much but returning lineman, ZeTravious Johnson, says that the effort they put in now will only help them during the season.

“Since this coronavirus stuff started, we all just been at home playing on the game, not working out so it’s kind of exciting to come outside and put in all the effort to have a bigger and better season.”

Like most teams, its all about strength and conditioning right now but it won’t always be easy.

It’s actually a little tough since being out of rhythm for so long but Webb says that his guys are fighting through.

“Sitting around for three months not doing anything especially for us coaches. It’s great for us coaches to get back out here in our element. Obviously, we got a long way to go. I told the kids the other day that this was the longest they’ve been away from their couch in months. It’s showing but we’re fighting through it.”

“It’s been kind of rough trying to get back in shape It’s kind of hard on everybody. We lost what our coach expect us to come out here and do. So, we’re trying to make everything come back to us.”

Webb says that with COVID concerns, workouts are still voluntary. However, he’s not only impressed with how in shape some of his guys are but also how many guys have shown up ready to work.

“You’ll have parents that are a little iffy about getting them out now but that’s why we’re trying to do a good job of adhering to the guidelines and all that but for the most part I think the parents are ready for them to get out of the house. They’re out of the house for two hours and know where they’re (kids) at and know they’ll be taken care of.”

” There’s been some surprises. ZeTravious Johnson, he’s a bigger guy with a lineman body and he struggled a little bit last year but I’m actually kind of impressed with him. He was one of the ones I was kind of worried about but he’s fallen into this kind of well. Charlie Hillman, is an upcoming junior and a hardworking kid. He’s here everyday. He was hammering me over the break asking for workouts. There’s a bunch of others but it’s encouraging. We’re going to keep pounding away and hopefully we get a little turning point this year.”