Nearly 25,000 insurance claims filed four days after Laura’s landfall

As of Monday, August 31, nearly 25,000 insurance claims filed to State Farm four days after Hurricane Laura landfall
Number expected to increase as residents return
Just four days after Hurricane Laura’s Landfall nearly 25,000 insurance claims have been filed by State Farm® customers across Louisiana and Texas reporting damage to their homes and vehicles. As residents are able to safely return and inspect their property for damage and as infrastructure and connectivity improves, we anticipate the number of claims will continue to increase.
State Farm® Claims Totals
Louisiana: 23,490 claims                                      
Homeowners:  21,100 | Auto:  2,390                             
Texas: 1,350
Homeowners: 1,220 | Auto130
Customers with damage are encouraged to file claims by calling 1-800-SF-CLAIM, on or by using the State Farm app. State Farm’s deployed catastrophe team is operational and currently assisting customers in a variety of ways. We are committed to balancing health concerns with our commitment to serve our customers during catastrophe response. We are helping customers in more ways, and right now that means leveraging technology and offering virtual claim handling when appropriate. Additional safety protocols are in place for the times it may be necessary to have an in-person visit during the catastrophe claims process.
Storm Recovery What to Consider Right Now


  • Look for damage to your home and car
  • Capture pictures and video of damaged property
  • Prevent further damage by making temporary repairs such as putting tarps on roofs and broken windows
  • Save receipts for temporary repair materials and document with pictures
  • Start the claims process