Natchitoches Invites the Public for Cajun Music and Food at the NSU Folk Festival

The way to beat the heat is to come to Natchitoches on the NSU Campus in Prather Coliseum where it’s air conditioned to enjoy the festivities at the Natchitoches Folk Festival.


They have three stages of music with headliners, Amanda Shaw and the Cute Guys playing Cajun music. She’s an extraordinary fiddler and she knows how to get you to dance. Also, the Prince of Zydeco himself, Geno Delafose and French Rockin Boogie will be performing as well.


Shane Rasmussen, Director of Louisiana Folklife Center-“So you have a lot of music but also, you’ve got the folk crafts are from 9 until 5 and they are great. Then of course, we also have the folk foods, so you may have the gumbo and the jambalaya and of course the cracklin. You know these are one of those times, I remember I was in Natchitoches on Texas, and I had to do a U-turn because I was driving down the street with my daughter Gidget and there was this guy and his little sign and it said, Washtub Cracklins. We did a flip. That’s the kind of thing I turn around for. He’s making cracklins in this washtub and oh my heck was it good.”


The Fiddler Championship will be at the Regale Recital Hall from 1-4 PM on Saturday and it is part of Les Festival.

Late registration from 12 to 1 PM is so if you’re a fiddler and you want to take part, you still can get into the action, and they raised our prize money considerably for all categories.

Shane Rasmussen, Director of Louisiana Folklife Center- “It’s something that NSU feels strongly about. Cultures of Louisiana coming together having a great time, people coming together and sharing that is what is important to them, it’s tradition, it’s what brings fun.”


The Natchitoches Folk Festival will be all day on Saturday, July 23rd starting at 9 AM.


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