Mozella Bell Announces Bid for Election to District Council 1

MozellaBellMozella Bell has formally announced that she will seek election to District Council 1 in Natchitoches Parish.

Bell has lived in Natchitoches parish for most of her life and is seeking this seat in order to bring new, bold ideas to parish government. She knows those in her district and has a desire to continue the positive productivity in her parish.

“I am running for District Council 1, because I believe it is important for those elected to work closely with the people they represent and the people who govern.”

The new political system in Natchitoches parish has provided many changes to the area. Bell believes these changes are pushing the parish in the right direction. Her plans are to continue these positive changes by bringing a creative outlook to present day issues.

“My desire is to generate a solid foundation for our new form of government and help to bring innovative ideas to the council,” said Bell.

Bell is certainly familiar with politics. She serves as the Secretary for the Democratic State Party and as the Secretary of the Democratic State Central Committee (DSCC), 4th Congressional District Council. She is also part of the DSCC, District 23A. Serving in these positions has helped Bell in working with others.

“I have consulted with people throughout District Council 1 and listened to their concerns. I am confident in my ability to make a difference as part of the Natchitoches Parish Council.”

Bell graduated from Lakeview High School and has a degree in Biology from Grambling State University. She is currently working towards her master’s degree in Molecular Science and Nano Technology.

Bell resides in Campti and is a member of Liberty Chapel Church of God and Christ.