Mother, family and supporters demand arrest for murder of Courtney Coco

Family, friends and supporters of Courtney Coco gathered outside of the Rapides Parish Courthouse today demanding that an arrest be made for her murder. With t-shirts dedicated to the murdered teen and signs in hand, they demanded justice for her case that’s gone unsolved all these years.

The body of Alexandria resident, Courtney Coco, was found in an abandoned building in Texas in the trunk of her own car in 2004. In the 15 years since her death an arrest has not been made. Where, how and why she was murdered is still a mystery.

Her mother, Stephanie Belgard, has been waiting for 15 years now for her daughters murder to be solved. She says that what went on outside of the courthouse today was something that she needed to do, she needed to take a stand. With one sign being held up and reading-“There is a moment you have to chose whether to be silent or stand up…chose wisely.”

Belgard says she’s been waiting for the District Attorney’s Office to make an approval for the Alexandria Police Department to make an arrest, but she’s waiting for that approval since November on top of the 15 years that’s passed since Courtney’s death.

Courtney was a 2003 graduate of Alexandria Senior High School. She was last seen alive on October 1, 2004.