Minor League Baseball to Return to Alexandria

April 18, treat 2013 – Minor league baseball is returning to Alexandria. The city council approved a contract with a new league that brings minor league play to Bringhurst Field next month. Some seats will be roped off, stuff because the historic ball park is in need of repairs.

– KLAX ABC 31 News

April 9, 2013 – Minor-league baseball may be returning to Alexandria as early as next month.

The city council will vote next week to enter an agreement with the United League to place a team here. The games would be at Bringhurst Park with some dilapidated seats cordoned off.

Meanwhile, the city is still trying to find a way to renovate the 80-year-old stadium or re-build. If the current deal goes through, the season would open by May 24th.

– KLAX ABC 31 News

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